This is why wezeroed in on bamboo blindsfor ourhome

The time we shifted in:

It is exactly one year. We had planned our house warming to coincide with the new years and we were looking forward to what our guests had tosay about the way we decorated our home. Of course, weare a slightly private people so the guest list was short and only limited to people whom we are extremely close to like family, close friends and colleagues from work.

We wanted to connect to our roots:

We have always lived in high rises with swanky features like the Jacuzzi and the central heating system. But this was going to be a permanent home by virtue of it being our own. We had been paying the mortgage of this oneeven when we had not moved in.

So, here we were. As planned, we wantedto only use indigenous materials for the house per se and also the décor.The end result was extremely satisfying, personally as well as psychologically. But the verdict was still pending. We were waiting what theextended family and friends thought about our abode

It looked grand but we had spentonlya fraction:

Our place was looking grand and colorful but it was surprising to know that we had spent only a little above the quarter of our budget.

Plus, the fact that machine made décor was common and could not help us make the place stand out. We didn't want to travelthe beaten path;we wanted to do something different.

Or,was it also because we had lived in such kind of placesalready andthat is why we had developed an aversion fr it.

It may have beena combination of the above factors but one thing that we were very sure of and that was that we wanted to support the local crafts.

The idea originated in a fair that we had been to:

We had been to a fair that was organized by our church which gave a chance tothe locals artisans to display their art and crafts and we thought to ourselves what better wayto help them thanto build a house with a commitment to stay true to our roots and to provide a chance for such people to also get some solid work.

So, the guest arrived and they gape!

We had wanted to video graph the whole experience; and we did. The guests had a range of expressions form excited to some of them being amazed to some of them also beingdumbstruck. They were so surprised when we told them the budget with which we worked. Some of the jaws touched the ground.

Our bamboo blinds were the best received. Here is why we opted to put bamboo blinds everywhere around the house.

1. The aesthetic appeal:

When we saw a bamboo blind at the local craft store, we knew immediately that we did not want to explore anything beyond it. we were so impressed with the texture of the sticks that we thought it would give a great look to the kind of den we wanted our home to look like. The store where we consulted were ready to customize the curtains to make them adhere to the room's interiors and so for the living room we had a bamboo blind which was painted with blue vegetable dye and was edged with golden fabric border to help prevent the sticks from fraying. The color combination made it look grand, almost like royalty. Some of the ideas we also got form a superb website called . We only had to play with colors in the same family when determining our furniture and craft pieces and Voila! We were there already.

2. It is eco friendly:

We loved the fact that by going in for bamboo blinds we were leaving the least carbon footprint. Also, because it is fast growing and abundantly found, there was nothing like we were depriving people off the resources.

3.Better light control:

They promised better privacy. In the bedroom we opted to have them lined underneath with fabric so that peeping toms could be kept at bay!


The promise of almost zero maintenance was a big draw. Because kids were away and we were a couple, we did not want our quality time to be spent cleaning the blinds and other things, you understand!


We were amazed when we could even use a remote control to operate the curtains. So much for versatility! We were impressed no doubt but you can see that our guests were too. The local shop owners thanked us profuselyfor starting a trend. We were not complaining!